Monday, November 28, 2005

hey guys, so uhhhhmmm. i'm in WOrld Geog. right now. bored as hell. hey Syd... are u still goin out w/ Andy?? anyway yeah, so jenna is back at school now. yay... uhhh. it's not raining today! yet... and i'm tired as hell. i left my money at home too. i changed pants this morning when i was rushing so now i'm gonna just starve... not really. u know i didnt eat anything on thanksgiving. ugh... this keyboard is borthering the hell out of my syd!!! its like ur keyboard. the spacebar is all fucked up... bleh my eye hurts... i dont wanna stay at school today. i wanna go home and sleep... sleeep and sleep some more. so boring here. i cant believe i actually wanted to come back here! it's so god damn boring! at least i get to see you guys tho. anywho i gotta go before i get caught!!! do that work...
the police just called back here in the classroom... sad sad sad


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hey dani what up? haha yeah me syd together again..this time i juss dont wanna fuck up..i love her dani i love her alot and i dont wanna mess anything ya black keep it real and tell jenna how u feel


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