Wednesday, November 30, 2005


anywho... i am hungry!!! still!!! i ate yesterday tho. dude but when i got home i was so totally fucked up! i went to sleep and didnt wake up till about 6:00 when my mom got home! and my phone is off now!!! my mom didnt pay the god damn bill... ugh... just when i was actually going to give somebody my number too... *sigh* errrr... anyway... we have a sub tomorrow so maybe i'll write mor4e

Monday, November 28, 2005

so, it'sfourth period now. kat makes me pissed off with that not waiting for me shit. i could have just gone the other way and talked to jenn like i was going to. ugh... i even wrote her a note. i dont know what her problem is either. i think she's on the rag cuz when i talked to her last night she was all acting "as a matter of factly" like i would say something and she would correct me... i dont know what the hell is her problem but i dont like it. i hope its just me cuz i'm totired to get an attitude today. ugh, anyway where are you going!? you just left the room Syd... hmmm. and c'anne, i hate her for being so dumb. she's all happy and shit cuz she's single. and she's all like. in my relationships, i dont want anything but sex. i told her that she should just commence to whoring around then istead of fucking people over. exspecially people that you said you loved, people that loved you. that shit is dumb... so fuckin dumb. and then she's all mad cuz everybody knows she has commitment issues. the whole fuckin world knows that shit!! and you know why she has commitment issues? because she doesnt want a god damn commitiment anyway!!!! ugh... she is just so fucked up to lisa i hate her for it. she is just so fucked up... anyway, i went to austin this weekend. it looks like a polace in california named menifee. and it was cool, we were just in the car all god damned day.ugh... and did i tell u what my mom said about me liking jenna? she doesnt think i'm serious about it. so she's not all freaking out. yeah but i did see jenna!! she's back!! i know you already know that but i dont care, i'm bored... u know this is the longest i've typed ever on here... i need to do this more often i guess.. anyway im aboout to get caught by mrs denny... lata

hey guys, so uhhhhmmm. i'm in WOrld Geog. right now. bored as hell. hey Syd... are u still goin out w/ Andy?? anyway yeah, so jenna is back at school now. yay... uhhh. it's not raining today! yet... and i'm tired as hell. i left my money at home too. i changed pants this morning when i was rushing so now i'm gonna just starve... not really. u know i didnt eat anything on thanksgiving. ugh... this keyboard is borthering the hell out of my syd!!! its like ur keyboard. the spacebar is all fucked up... bleh my eye hurts... i dont wanna stay at school today. i wanna go home and sleep... sleeep and sleep some more. so boring here. i cant believe i actually wanted to come back here! it's so god damn boring! at least i get to see you guys tho. anywho i gotta go before i get caught!!! do that work...
the police just called back here in the classroom... sad sad sad