Wednesday, October 12, 2005


SYd is grounded (syd wrote the last one) and she wont be able to get all LSD'd out with me on halloween...idk what syd meant about hope. but she did tell me that you are going to the airforce. good for you i guess.... the whole millitary thing is just fucking with me right now thanx to that STUPID ASS DUMB FUCKING IDIOT (GEORGE BUSH), i hope it'll change before you get on with it... soooooooo...... i havent even really much talked to you on here.....
i gotta change my password syd.....
FUCK YOU ALL!!!! tee hee heee j/k


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2:42 PM  
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Hey there ghetto gansta how u be doin? huh how u be doin? havin FUN!!!? at skool well guess what im thinkin bout cha cuz I DIDNT HAVE TO GO AND ALL...and yeah hope yalls havin FUN FUN!!!!

6:34 AM  
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i decided not to go to the A.F. cuz of syd i cant stand nt talking to my baby for 6 weeks between her and meghan cryn i couldnt do that to um..well i dont really see why they dont wanna get rid of me but ok...dont matter i guess so hows like BLACK!!

6:36 AM  
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omg.....LSDed WTF????.....and im not invited WAIT!?!?! im not aloud to that stuff so no neither r u guys so HA yeah but like i can stop u guys...u all will do it ne who...oh well dont really care...sorta mad cuz my sis is all on my case ALL THE TIME but o well!! ttyl black bye!

9:20 AM  
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dude i was juss ya black!!

2:10 PM  
Blogger Sydney said...

Dani ur a ass xD lmao FUCKER UR COMEING OVER SUNDAY NIGHT OR MONDAY MORNING!! GRR dani u gotta be the hooker so i could be the pimp xD u can wear my pimpn play boy shoes ( well ther not really mine there my cuz but she not here so yea) lmao DONT MAKE ME COME KID NAP YOU~!!!!! B.C I WILL ill come over dressed like a cat xD then craw up stairs so ur mom wont see me b,c im black lmao and then ill grab u and Run!!! and then ill write a letter 2 ur mom and said u died by taken a shit LMAO :p Well then dani thats my plan and im keep it lmao well no i wont dress like a cat ill just get the car park it 2 blocks away from ur house clam on the house jump in ur windo grab ur ass jump back out the room and run for car lmao IM good i got this all PLAN OUT xD Well then dani ill see u in about 1hr at skool !!! i LOVE YOU BLACK!! ALWAYS WILL !! ( not really) lmao Jk I LOVE ANDY MORE THEN I LOVE YOU O.o

3:48 AM  
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DAni i fucked up....really really bad...i hurt sydney and i cant take what i did to her sux..i juss dont know what to do now i juss want to die...after this i dunno what to do...and when january comes...i cant wait so i can get outta syds life so she can move on cuz i did her wrong and she doesnt deserve that

5:16 AM  

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